California Pacific Airlines Starts Service [Ceased Operations]


What is going on?

On November 2, 2018, California Pacific Airlines started service with its first flight from KCLD-KSJC TAKE THAT KSFO!!!

The plane is an Embraer 145LR previously owned by Delta Connection.


You have probably never heard of California Pacific Airlines before. Neither have I until I looked at KSJC’s website and noticed an unusual destination, Carlsbad. I decided to take a look at which airline operates the route, and it said that it was Califonia Pacific Airlines. I have never heard of it before, so I decided to do some research.

California Pacific Airlines started back in March after taking over Aerodynamics I don’t know much about this airline. The idea of starting an airline was already thought of years back. Since then, it has been trying to get FAA approval to takeoff.

After getting FAA approval, California Pacific Airlines began service from Denver to South Dakota. On November 2, 2018, California Pacific Airlines had its inaugural flight from Carlsbad to San Jose TAKE THAT KSFO!!! AND YES I’M SAYING IT TWICE.

Who founded California Pacific Airlines?

California Pacific Airlines has been founded by 97-year-old entrepreneur Ted Vallas who had a long dream of starting an airline.


California Pacific Airlines will expand more on routes as time goes by.

Here are it’s current routes:


What and where is Carlsbad Airport?


Carlsbad Airport (CLD/KCLD)(McClellan-Palomar Airport) is an airport located in South California. In Infinite Flight, it is classified as a Class Delta airport. It is located north of San Diego International Airport (SAN/KSAN) in San Diego County.

How do I buy tickets?

You could buy tickets by going to their website:

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What do I think of this?

I think this is really exciting as the US gets a new airline that looks like it is going to be successful. I feel like as time goes by, California Pacific will be able to expand more, add more routes, add more airports, add more planes, and KCLD will start to become known. I am also really excited that KSJC gets a new route AND a new airline! :D After the devastating loss of Lufthansa and Air China, we will gain one airline that does not fly to the other two Bay Area airports! :D you wish, KSFO, you wish >:)

What do you guys think of the addition of California Pacific Airlines?


I think the airline looks really good and it should be successful! Also, great post. It was constructed very well!


I hope that in The next Few decades,That This airline really takes off.


Yeah, I want it to become really popular…like a major airline! :D


Finally started. I remember seeing articles about this airlines 5 years ago, saying that they wanted to start operations in 2015, then 2016, then 2017, then 2018…
Well, good to see a real start, and hopefully it actually stays around for a while!

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It’s mostly because of the FAA taking too long to approve of this airline.

I really want this new airline to succeed. I want KCLD to become like KDAL or KMDW

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Well with a 5500 foot runway, they kinda dug themselves into a hole already…
They need to expand if that was to happen

Let’s see what the future says, KCLD started out as a GA airport and it is turning into a commercial airport.

Southwest Airlines won’t fly there though :(


Really exited to see a new US airline starting ops, they look pretty nice, can’t wait to hopefully see them succeed!

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It is Pierre South Dakota :)


California Pacific vs Cathay Pacific hmmm

Hope to see them grow and cross the pacific


Yet another small airline in California… Needed? No. But i love seeing all of the new planes. Especially the E145! I hope they make it to the Los Angeles area soon. I might have to give it a try!

Love the name. I really hope they become a mainstay in california with small airports. There’s so many of us here! We need more small airport routes!

I would love to see them operating E-175s, still looks to be a great airline.

New airline, cool, hopefully it will stay afloat, I wonder if they have plan to eventually start flying into Hawaii or other longer routes.

The plan is to get long hauls started right?

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Honestly Jack, who knows. other then airline executives

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Time for a KSJC hub XD

Yeah, but at the moment, they are operating planes once owned by Delta Connection.

Is it just 145s in the fleet?

I think so, if there are others, then I don’t know