California Pacific Airlines E-170

California Pacific ERJ-170


Hey IFC, I’m here today with a new Feature Request for California Pacific Airlines which recently shutdown a couple years ago. This start up airline operated out of Carlsbad Airport (KCRQ), north of San Diego in San Diego County, California. They had quiet a few routes around the West United States and operated a small fleet of aircraft (I’ll link all the info below).

So if you want to fly this great livery when the E-Jets are reworked drop a vote! It’s super fun to fly to and from Carlsbad (CRQ) since the runway is similar to Key West.

Information on CPA and the E-Jet Family:

If you want to see the E-Jets get reworked here’s the link to vote on that too:

Embraer E-jets Rework

yoo that looks pretty sick my dudes

How Californian of you lol

Ahh yes. I remember this airline. Flew from Carlsbad (CRQ) to San Jose (SJC), but unfortunately, it couldn’t keep up with costs

Yeah. They’re still hoping to come back though
Hopefully they do. CRQ has an empty terminal sitting at the airport rn

I haven’t heard much about the airline but last I heard of them, their operating certificate was revoked on October 2020

So does that mean the airline name can’t operate ever again?
Cause someone else said that the other day

It means the airline, if it wants to start up again, has to go through that long process of getting approval by the FAA

Think of it like you are restarting a game not to a previous checkpoint but to the very very beginning of the game

Oh ok
That’s not too bad. Could be worse

Oh my, this livery is greate! Vote for this liver!

This is actually a livery I would support, it operated some nice routes to smaller and non generic American airports. Will definitely consider clearing a vote if a rework is announced

Just talking about the size of the plane also the size of the engine:

  1. The fuselage (I mean he height) I think is about a 767 engine
  2. The size of the engine looks like half of a 767-700

Which makes this plane so small, I mean just look at it!

Yeah it’s a really cool airline

Thanks. Hopefully it’ll be reworked soon

With an E-Jets rework this has to be added!

Ooooo, I love the look! If this airline ever starts up again, I’ll drop my vote!