California Coastal Flying

Went up with my friend in the DA40 last week for a flight along the California coast. We attached some GoPros in the cockpit and under the wing which made for some pretty spectacular video, so I decided to edit and compile them into this one minute video below.

Being able to go from the coast, to the mountains, then to the busy Silicon Valley is absolutely amazing, and calling this area home is what makes it even better. If anyone knows the name of the mountain we were circling around on the sunset frame of the video, please share it here! It had a very significant role during the Cold War, just a hint. I look forward to showing you more of my flying adventures in the future :)


This is an amazing video! Thanks for sharing!


Love the video! Can’t say the same about the music…then again, I’m practically an old fart.


I’m so glad you mentioned this. I wouldn’t have watched if it were any longer than 2 min, I have a horrible attention span for certain things. Also, just wanted to say, great video. I’m a huge fan of that style of editing, where the beat skips the video to an entirely new scene. Nice job.

Oh, and what did you use to attach the GoPros on? I would be very nervous of losing one of them.

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Thanks! Glad you enjoy the video. As for the GoPro on the wing, I believe he said he screwed the mount in, instead of using the sticky part on the adhesive mounts. There’s no way that the mount would be going anywhere because of the way he set it up.

As for the GoPro in the cockpit, we used a suction cup and attached it to the canopy. We totally ended up regretting this, because we had an audio cord plugged into the GoPro at that time and we forgot about it 😳. So when we opened the canopy after arriving in KMRY, the cord was pretty much destroyed. It was ripped out of the side of the GoPro, luckily not damaging the GoPro, but we had to buy a new audio cord. We’ve made changes to the placement of that GoPro since then :)

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Ah ok, I figured it was attached some other way other than a suction mount. But mate, great work. Keep them vids up :)

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Wow, which graphics card are you using? Grand Theft Auto 5 looks great!

Just kidding, nice video.

The song is actually the 3rd most popular song in the world right now… 😬

I try my best to match the vibes of the music with the scenes of wherever I’m flying, so I thought this one went pretty well with it. I’ve got more videos planned right in the future, hopefully you’ll like the music I put in for those ;)

Thanks for checking out the video!

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