California coast pictures

A couple of Weeks ago I was doing a flight on the Expert server From KSAN to KSFO and I had some amazing scenery. The flight was 1 hour and 30 minutes long on an American A320

This was a moon shot. We were about half way to KSFO

This one was about 10 minutes north of KLAX

Which Picture do you like better?

  • Moon Shot
  • Scenery picture

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Overall we had a great flight. We had to hold and get vectors off course. But we got there safely


The LAX area of California has the best scenery in all of infinte flight

Nice pictures!
I saw “CA” so I’m here lol

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Thanks, any support is appreciated

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This was my first #screenshots-and-videos post. Look at me now I have come so far

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Self bump/promotion 💯

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