Calibs ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

I’m trying to improve my skills. Come to test me! I want as many planes as possible!


Server: Training Server [Global] V2

Position: Tower & Ground

All pattern work is allowed!!

Username: IPP Calib - FDXVA

All comments welcome

Will update Daily…


I’m confused, are you open now or just during the listed times?

I think it is just the timings of when he is open.

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In that case @Calib_Wilson, it helps if you put your status in the subject bar. So it would read something like this:
Calibs ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

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Open now sorry for the confusion.

I made it to you but then got disconnected, by the time I got back on I was onto Unicom!

Apologies for the problem!

Only feedback I have from a ground perspective was waiting for me to call ready for taxi, I was halfway through my engine start/pretaxi checks when you have me clearance. You’ll find a lot of guys in expert do the same as me 👍

Oh ok I’m sorry for that. Not sure why it disconnected…Thanks heaps for letting me know this. I will now remember this. @Mags885

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OPEN NOW AT KMEM come and join if you want.

Joining shortly, be spawning roughly 5 minutes time

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Mods can close this now please… @schyllberg

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