I really don’t like this. The calibration of when I calibrate has the yoke pitching all the way up. I would have to end my flight if I wanted it to go away but I don’t want to end it. And when I’m landing and I have to pitch all the way down and that’s it really hard to land.

Can you elaborate on how you calibrate? You should have your device in a comfortable or stable position.

The device is comfortably in my hands where I would like it

before calibrate ur A/C make sure you´re on a comfortable position.

When pressing the button, do you bring your device up a bit?

Nope. My Device was in the same position

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What is A/C?

It means All Clear.

I think

Are you applying nose down to keep the plane level before calibrating?

I would Calibrate while auto pilot was on

Ok, well if you have A/P, nothing should happen…

Ik but after I turn it off and it pitch’s up so I Calibrated again and it keep pitching up

If A/P is applying nose down and you disconnect it and don’t apply the same nose down, your aircraft will pitch up

When autopilot is on, before you calibrate and disable the autopilot can you see a lot of the pink bar on the side?

I wasn’t looking.

Dont judge me for not using trim

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Yea ik what you are talking about but I wasn’t looking

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If that is really high it means the autopilot is constantly pulling up to be level so when you turn it off, the plane with pitch down because you need to be pulling up to be level

This is my guess what happened

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But I had to landing with -55 trim

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Were you overweight? (or almost)

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