How do I know if my sim is calibrated?

I have issues when landing. Aircraft will veer off to the side for no reason, even when there is nil weather.

How do I rectify.

Also aircraft will now always have engines running from the start. In the beginning, aircraft were dark.

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You can see what control inputs you are inputting by selected the Yoke option in the lower bar, you can do this by holding down then dragging your finger to select to option you want. If the yoke is centred then you are holding your device the same way as you calibrated it.

In terms of your engine running at start up. There is an option in the settings menu for this. By disabling this under the general tab at the bottom, your aircraft will always start in the “Cold and Dark” State

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make sure that you calibrated in the pause menu first if something is wrong. if that didn’t change much look at your trim if it is set. hold your device steady and look if there is a pink line. recalibrate if there is a pink line while holding still. that’s all i know

This is where you would add more trim, not recalibrate

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Do you have auto coordination on?

Yes auto coordination is on

Turn it off. That solves the veering issue.

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