Not sure what every one else does, but while I’m here will ask.

When i am on infinite flight, I’m always laid down, with my head on backrest.
I hold the phone perfectly straight and calibrate. Then look in settings to see if no matter how maybe times I move my phone, I can always get it back to 0% pitch instantly by eye, looking at the phone position as to the pitch display in settings. That’s how I know I’m set up and ready to go.

How do others do it? Calibrate mid flight or just before landing? I’m always in the same position physically when playing.

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I always re-calibrate when lined up for takeoff, and before dis-engaging A/P on approach…just to make sure…

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This doesn’t matter what flap settings are or pitch of the plane at the time?

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I generally re-calibrate when my pitch is at 0’ or just above (no more than +2-3’)

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Calibration does realign all your standard flight controls. I use trim alongside that for when taking off and landing.

I’m quite ‘OCD’ for calibrating, I do it all the time when in manual control.


Guess i will stick with my way then, absolutely set up from the the start at 0%. I’m ocd with it too.

Been like this since day one, I could not play in another position

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You’re not the only one!

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I am the exact same I’m calibrating every second 😂

welcome to my world

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