Calibration issue

I had landing at Belgrade few minutes ago. But, during approaching to the runway I calibrated my phone, turn it to myself a little bit and then switched off altitude and vertical speed. How do you think, what happened? 🤔
My aircraft started to fly down immediately just when I switched altitude and VS and also APR mode. Then I turn my phone to myself more and my aircraft slowly started to fly up. After this I switched back on altitude and VS to calibrate my phone again. But it didn’t helped me. It was the same situation. I may tell that IF has an issue with calibration, ‘cause this isn’t a first time when I have this problem and I’m not only one, who has it.
Here’s the link of the fragment of replay -

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By any chance did you use trim?

Maybe wrong trim setting?

Hey … uhhh… so I watched the replay… from what I can tell you’ve got no flaps down…

The trim was 0%

Flaps were 2 and trim was 0%

Well that was probably your issue. In theory, it is possible to land without trim, especially on the 320, however it is nearly impossible to go that slow without full flaps. Your issue was you basically had a number of controlled stalls, because you were so unstable

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And your IAS?

I’ve had a similar issue like this before. The aircraft would respond to my manual inputs, but it’d be sluggish and would try to do the opposite of what I wanted. What worked for me was instead of disengaging V/S by clicking on the V/S button, I just clicked the AP button on and off and that did the trick.

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Hey @ivan_aviation! You should familiarize yourself with proper landing procedures for the most enjoyable experience possible. I liked the user guide below.

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