Calibration Issue

This morning, I was landing at Tokyo, and my yoke would not calibrate properly. It would stay level but would be pitched up. I ended up landing with -50 percent trim because of this issue. I kept my device level when I pressed calibrate, but it still pitched up. Even on the ground after I landed. When I took off from my departing airport, it calibrated normally. Is infinite flight aware of this issue? Thanks!

Note: I also had an issue like this before 20.1, but it wasn’t as bad. It only happened when I did multiple legs on one flight.

Try “Restore Defaults” in the Infinite Flight Settings

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Okay, will do. I will try when I land into Kai Tak shortly :)

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Sounds good. Let me know :)

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No, my game crashed :(

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Of course it did :(

Wonder when it will be fixed

It worked @Z-Tube

Awesome! Glad to help :)

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