Calibration issue with the dc10 after landing

Found anotheir new aircraft issue this one is limited only to the dc10 and the dc10f the aircraft does not calibrate properly after landing the tail elevaters will not move to the calibrated postion once you have recalibrated from a landing here is a picture the elevator is stuck slightly in the up postion after landing makeing stop over flights an issue or tuch and goes Screenshot_20171209-165644

Here is a picture of how it should look when calibrated to device postion

Your yoke is slightly pulled up towards you a bit on the first picture. Do you notice when this happens during your flight?

Yeah its stuck in that postion

It happens after landing the plane start to take off is fine but once you land the calibration dosent want to calibrate and the yoke and elevater are stuck pulled up

Have you tried the basic troubleshooting steps?
Restart and reinstall?

Yep it didnt work…

One time issue. Be sure to go into settings - controls - restore defaults

This is repeated it happens every time i land the yoke is stuck up

What device and software?

Andriod both galaxy j7 and tab a two devices

Are you also having pushback issues?

Yep both devices…

Seems the workaround for this (along with the Android -Pushback Issue) is to go into your graphics settings and lower one of the qualities to medium. Until the devs can hone in on the direct cause of this I would adjust your graphics settings for the time being to see if this changes anything.

I will look if that works i have the same problem

It works i have one setting on medium and the other on low

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I’ve noticed after touchdown rudder movements are useless until the nose gear has touched down with the DC-10