Calibration flight Northern Norway, Citation X

Calibration flight in Northern Norway. Callsign «Calibra»
Testing appoach/departure procedures and checking navigation aids/fixes for the following airports:

Bodoe Airport ENBO

Evenes Airport ENEV

Andoya Airport ENAN

Tromsoe Airport ENTC

Alta Airport ENAT

Banak Airport ENNA

Hasvik Airport ENHK

Hammerfest Airport ENHF

All AIPs found here: AIP Norway

LiveFlight map

LiveFlight Globe/satellite

KML file, Google Earth

Departing ENNA, Andoya Airport

On final at ENDU, Bardufoss

Approach and landing in Tromsoe, ENTC


Very nice shots, keep it up!

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Great shots love the view and the way you implemented your flightplan into Google Earth. Looks nice, keep it up!

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