Calibration Bug / Issue

Hello, I have experienced a major issue with calibrating my device. I have searched in the community forum for help but so far the topics were either very early (closed) or not exactly the same case as this one so I would like to voice out for help.
So I took off in an A330-300 from KORD with everything seemed to be looking fine. For some reason the plane entered a stall (around FL330) and requires me to do the immediate action: Pitch down and full throttle. I did just that but to realise that the calibration has messed up my controls. Instead of pitching down, I pitched up violently and required me to push my device even more than flat to the other side to overcome the issue. Very fortunately that I am able to recover from the issue from this incident but I worry this will continue to affect pilots who might not want to get violations.
Through this post I am trying to see if any others are facing the same issue and if this issue exists and needs to be addressed / fixed.
Or if anyone knows how to solve this issue for now, mind if you leave it as a comment down below? I would appreciate that a lot. Thank you!
[To Clarify: If this turned out to be a non-issue, I apologise. But this is also the truth that I experienced this incident. This note is to avoid any confusion.]

Did you try recalibrating before or in the midst of this? I have I had this happen, I find it helps to recalibrate several times during flight, sometimes you don’t realize you’ve changed positions.

Yes I have done that as well. I have recalibrated during that stall a number of times (After AP on / off), but it still just that, even worse.

Are you controlls inverted in the settings? And does this happen only in the A330?

I have double checked and I am sure it the controls are not inverted. Since they were back to normal when I landed. I cannot confirm if this only happens in the A330 though…

Did you calibrate immediately before you disabled AP? Always calabrate before turning off AP…

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Yes I did exactly that. I calibrated before disengaging as well as after realising the calibration failed. It is strange

And you calibrated to the position that you ended up sitting? Ex: calabrated it on a desk, then picked it up? That would result in it being calabrated to the desk, not you’re sitting position

I am sure that I calibrated after I picked it up. Because it has gone worse and worse every time I calibrated it, according to my memory.

Ok, which way was it trying to take you?

Can you send us a replay if this is reproducible?

Pitching upwards while I am trying to pitch downwards because of the stall warning

Sorry I am currently not at home and I will have to send the replay some time later today

Ok, then I’m willing to bet my potatoes that the AP had set the trim, and since it had a positive trim you were having a hard time pitching down. It’s almost like the 737 MAX issue, but not at all like that since it wasn’t a glitch. Make sure to check the trim next time you turn off AP… 😁

The weird thing is a calibrated multiple times off the table in my hands already but it gone worse and worse… That is strange

calibrating in your hands wont help unless you return it to level. When you calibrate it in your hands whatever position it is in becomes the neutral position for the yoke. So if you are pushing down and then recalibrate then you need to push further to actually pitch down now. This seems to be the issue you had. You recalibrated in a bad position and then had to an even worse position to get any response. When ever you are recalibrating out of AP you always want to hold your device as naturally as possible so then any movement doesnt become irregular. When your device recalibrates whatever your current hand position is becomes your level flight input.

For example. I am climbing out and pitching up with my device meaning I am pulling back. If I recalibrated m pulling back and position will no longer be pitch up input but leveled flight input, resulting in my aircraft rapidly moving from the pitch up position to a leveled flight position and possibly a nose down situation if you go pitch down because you reset your hands to your previous leveled flight position.

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Is it even possible for the AP to set the trim? I thought you can only manually set it.

No, A/P dosen’t set trim.

I am sure that I was in my most natural position when I recalibrated it, unfortunately it just doesn’t calibrate in the right place. I know that because I saw the purple bar in the trim setting box literally just stuck in a certain position. So I come up with this conclusion that a possible bug might be discovered.
(Not trying to be rude or anything it is just what I experienced)

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