Calibrate issues

Hi all,
I’m having trouble with the calibration on my device,
During flight and taxi the plane always veers to the left, when I hit the calibrate button it veers even sharper to the left ,
This is happening with all aircraft especially the 773,
Have reinstalled the app and hasn’t fixed it
At the point now where I’m unable to fly at all
Any help would be appreciated

What device?
When you mentioned the aircraft pulls to the left on take off, is that the only time you feel like the calibration is off? Because it sounds more like pilot error with not using the rudder to counter side winds. Side winds can push any aircraft off the center line if the pilot doesn’t CPU tear those forces with the rudder.
More details will help us help you better. :)

The wind speed and direction it is blowing in relation to the aircraft position would help a lot.

Hi David thanks for the reply,
This is happening during taxi as well as in the air,
Weather the wind is coming from the left or the right the outcome is the same
Definitely not a wind issue but I’ll keep playing around and see if I can can fix it

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Sorry iPad 3 is the device

Sounds like the guy who wrote this on ‘Apple support’ was having a similar issue to you. You might find something here that helps?

IPhone gyro is not perfect on any device, it can be 4° off. Try recalibrating by running composs. Still you’ll have problem. It’s well known issue.(To extreme level, don’t sit next to other magnetic device ;p) Are you taking-off on slow speed?