Calibrate glitch

What is the point of calibrating your device if when you pause it it still is controlling the aircraft. I think this is a glitch. Because I simply can’t calibrate my device without messing with the aircraft.

It pauses if you’re on Solo, but not in any online flights since that would cause a number of issues.

Turn on the AP before calibration, or do it while on the ground :)

But why can’t I calibrated when I don’t have AP on?

I never said you can’t. But it won’t pause the flight if you’re flying on any of the servers. We can’t have aircraft stopping mid air or popping in & out randomly. It would be a mess.

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I don’t mean stopping but when you are paused why aren’t the flight controls stopped. Like Pitch or Yaw? Obviously the aircraft has to keep moving. :)

You can’t pause control inputs and at the same time calibrate them.

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Use autopilot if you don’t want to control the aircraft while calibrating. Calibrating only takes a second anyway.

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I thought if the device is becoming “Uncalibrated” because you moved or something, you can pause and recalibrate in a comfortable position. Guess not. Thanks for your help :)