Calibrate button doesn't work

I was in my A318 today and after pushback, I saw that the plane is not calibrated correctly. But no matter what I done, I couldn’t calibrate the device. This has previously happened to me in an A321

Unable to reproduce this issue. Been flying the A320 family fine recently.

Calibration worked too.

Have you tried restarting your device?

Tried re-installing the app?

Need device and OS please.

Umm… Re-install the app, I have paid 100$ on Stuff. By the way it was fixed when I quited flight and went on another flight.

An Ipad air 2
iOS 9.2

Reinstalling won’t affect your in-app purchases. It is all saved on to your Apple ID or Playstore account. When you reinstall it, you can your stuff back for free.

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