Calgary to Heathrow | British Airways 102 | 787-9

A little flight over to London Heathrow from Calgary. On the Solo side of things.

Takeoff from Calgary to 35R

Hello Our Northern Albertan City!

8 hours later, the final destination has arrived.

Sorry for not much pictures, I didnt know what to put so yeah.


I really like that landing picture, keep up the good work mate 🤩👍

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Last picture is my favorite!

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Thanks man!

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I know right, I liked that one too! Thanks for the feedback!

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I’ve seen this flight in real life before! At the airport and while driving, but never been on it :(

I’ve been on it and spotted it. This one of my top 5 aircraft to land at CYYC

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Nice shots!

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Thanks Mate!

Nice photos but can I ask why it was on solo if you have access to live?

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I was filming something, and I didn’t want weather. (Currently in the stages right now of filming)

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Ah. Makes sense

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Love the last pic!

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Ok then… Thanks for the info I knew already.

Ok Then…

And that’s the proper destinations that’s all mate

I have zero Idea on what you’re talking about.

Sorry bud …Hey are Canadian👍I’m in the NWT

@Will_A Thanks mate for the edit!

u need to Change the title to BAW102 for YYC-LHR
just so u know it was bugging me :)