Calgary timelapse 17R

Hey! I just thought I’d record and loosely edit a timelapse of Calgary! As seen by the title, it’s 1:15 minutes long, at about 80X faster that normal. I never really make videos, so I thought I’d try it out.

Server: Expert, CYYC RWY 17R.

I had to move quite a few times because everytime an aircraft was halfway down the runway it would de-spawn 😫. I’ve wanted this airport and Canada’s area for ages, since I went to Calgary less than a month ago, and wanted to fly here virtually with traffic, which actually proved more realistic and busy than I first thought.

A real world timelapse on the 9th August 4:30 hour timelapse from CYYZ to CYYC (don’t tell me to put it in another topic please, this is just for the people who want to view it :). It failed on take off because of an old shabby 767 :(.

And the one you actually want, is this:

Tell me if it doesn’t work :)


The first video doesn’t work for me

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Maybe try reload the page. They take ages to load because of the quality RIP.

Don’t worry, I’ll re-upload these as a link only to YouTube

How do you embed the video?

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That’s the most annoying thumbnail but they are both uploaded via YouTube so it’s easier to stream and watch now

I really like the map part of the second video. It’s cool seeing the planes sped up. During flight, other planes on the map look stationary.

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True 😂. That’s why I love it. I love timelapses, it’s just recording them 😑

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Yeah. Because although the time lapse is 30 seconds it takes like 30 minutes to film.

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The timelapse is about 52 seconds, and took 1 hour and 15 minutes, which that being the only mobile device I have. My tablet is broken, a PC I only use at night because it’s kinda shared, and a Playstation but it was being used to watch films during that time RIP. I was so bored.

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Nice video!

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Thanks… I just was laughing away when I saw the reverse thrusters glitch!

Now I’ve seen it all…