Calgary International to Rome- Fiumicino

Hey IFC, this here was an amazing flight from Calgary Intl to Rome-Fiumicino with an surprise guest during our departure. I want to thank all the particpants that had acommpanied us during our flight to Rome. Also I want to shoutout our escort team @AviatorDan and @Southwest_2115 for our escort out of Calgary. I also want to thank @Balacachini, @Captain_Blake and @Infiniteflightposts for showing up for this amazing journey. Thank you all and safe flying on Infinite flight.

@Balacachini, @Infiniteflightpost and I loading up for our journey. If you look closer you will see @AviatorDan in the F-22.

@Captain_Blake at the De-icing stands getting ready for our flight at Calgary Intl.

@Balacachini (787-9), @Southwest_2115 (F-22), @Infiniteflightposts (787-9), @AviatorDan (F-22) and finally @Captain_Blake (C-17) all taxing to runway 35R at Calgary Intl.

Parallel departure on runway 35L and 35R. I was departing on 35L while @Infiniteflightposts was departing on 35R.

Left wing view of the beautiful sunset over Baffin Island in the Nunavut Province of Canada.

Wing view of the beautiful sunrise over Greenland.

Overview shot of Greenland.

Getting ready for our decent into Italy. Here is a nice view of the Alps over Switzerland.

Here is my Landing at runway 34R at Rome-Fiumicino.

Disembarking at Terminal 3 Gate 706 at Rome-Fiumicino.

Route: Calgary (CYYC) to Rome (LIRF).
Flight Time: 9 hours and 29 minutes.
My Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 787-9, Westjet.
@Balacachini: Boeing 787-9, Westjet.
@Infiniteflightposts: Boeing 787-9, Westjet.
@ Captain_Blake: C-17 Globemaster.
@Southwest_2115 : F-22.
@AviatorDan: F-22.
Initial cruising Altitudes are 35,000 ft for our first leg, secound leg is 37,000ft and for our final leg it was 39,000ft
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