Calgary ATC

Hey people, I just want to let everyone know that the controller at CYYC on training server right now has been active all day and will not respond to any requests or messages from pilots. Not sure if it’s possible to close his session remotely but I think it deserves to go back to unicom.

Have a good one guys! :)

When you say all day, do you mean figuratively ‘all day” or literally for like hours?

There’s a reason it’s training server. no need for this thread

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Is it possible for someone to close his session?

No it’s not. Usually if you’re inactive it will automatically kick you for inactivity

Interesting… In that case I have no idea whats going on. If you want you can check it out for your selves. In my opinion something should be done to bring it back to unicom

Probably about 9 or 10 hours by now

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Because someone hogging a frequency for the entire day is typical training server behavior.

If I wanted to control Calgary right now, I wouldn’t be able to because this guy is being a nuisance. Opening a frequency and not actively controlling is trolling at this point.

To the OP: There have been other instances of this before on the training and expert servers. I believe the controller can be forced out of their session by someone from staff.


@Cody_M Can’t you just tune into Unicom? I believe you can do that even with an active frequency.

@Nathan most people in training server use there brains enough to know not to do that

Don’t be some mean about that a good amount of people on this forum are grade 2

If you alert a moderator, they can deal with it by kicking the user from the frequency.

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No if both tower and ground are active you can’t tune to Unicom


I suppose. Not many people know to do that-I didnt even think of that. Shouldn’t have to work around something like this.

Ok nevermind… Yah I don’t even know haha

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@schyllberg or @DeerCrusher can you help us

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Ok cool thank you that’s what I wanted to know :)

Training Server ATC do this sometimes. I thought they get auto kicked if they don’t respond for 60 seconds.

It’s insane the amount of behavior that can be brushed off by just saying “it’s training server”. Folks who say that are the reason training server is just a glorified casual server.

@Cody_M you should be able to send a request to either ground or tower. If he does not respond within 60 seconds he should be booted off.

If that doesn’t happen, then we’re dealing with a larger issue that needs to be addressed by a mod. You can’t stay inactive and tuned in the frequency without replying once.


Is there a limit to how long you can control at one plane if you are active?

You are kicked from the frequency after two minutes of not responding to any commands, on either server. I’m not sure if this feature is active at the moment, but it didn’t work in this scenario it seems.