CalditaDePollo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KFAT

With permission of Edoardo_C

Airport: KFAT

Server: Training

Status: CLOSED

Please only use “remaining in the pattern”


This is a pretty good session bro!

I’ll take time to review my replay and give you colored coded timestamped feedbacks on some little things

Hello there @Calditaa

Here is my feedbacks (CF-JFV)… I’ll tag your trainer @Edoardo_C so he can see your progress…

✅ [17:32:34] Taxi

– 1st pattern –

✅ [17:34:34] Clearance for T/O with direction to take for my patterns
✅ [17:36:02] Sequence as #2 behind right d/w
✅ [17:36:34] Clearance for option as #2

– 2nd pattern –

✅ [17:43:57] Sequence #2 behind right d/w
✅ [17:44:26] Pattern entry on r/w change
✅ [17:44:50] Clearance for option with new direction 👍🏻👌🏻

– 3rd Pattern – The curve ball 😉

‼️ [17:50:05] Here I requested a runway change from L to R on upwind with a traffic departing on R. This is called a upwind conflict. The best way to solve this is to extend my upwind until traffic on R has turn. It should have gone… “CF-JFV, extend upwind, I’ll call your crosswind”. After G-LRHD has made his turn, you can issue me the pattern pattern entry for right downwind - 8R - with the sequence. Instead of that, here what happened:
⚠️ [17:50:13] CF-JFV received a enter right downwind r/w 8R
⚠️ [17:50:25] G-LRHD received the extend upwind instead of me…
==> Result of this combination is a mid-air collision 😢😉 <==
✅ [17:52:09] Clearance for option with new direction 👍🏻👌🏻

– 4th pattern –

⚠️ [17:57:11] Clearance as #3 - 8R without a sequence
✅ [17:59:03] Late…but nice to get this missing sequence 😉
✅ [17:59:56] Good pattern entry right base for 8L on r/w change
✅ [18:00:10] Good clearance with a new direction after r/w change 👌🏻👍🏻

– 5th pattern – Second upwind conflict

✅ [18:05:53] Clearance as #1 - 8L
✅ [18:05:53] Good resequence as #2 when Easy 349VA turned early in front of me 👌🏻👍🏻
⚠️ [18:07:18] No need to re-clear after a resequence
Note ⚠️ [18:08:16]: Nice handling of the second upwind conflict 👏. You didn’t mess the sequence up even with traffics on both downwind. Regardless of the non-collision this time, you gave you extra workload here…you could have extend G-LRHD’s upwind earlier [18:05:07] and enter him left downwind #3…that way, this situation won’t happen as it is deconflict right on upwind 😉

– Departure –

✅ [18:13:32] Departure approved
⚠️ [18:15:07] Good you didn’t forgot my freq change but you could have handed me off earlier since there was no possible conflict with other traffic

– Transition – Inbound for Landing –

✅ [18:16:03] Transition 3000’
✅ [18:21:30] Good pattern entry with sequence on inbound 👍🏻
✅ [18:23:13] Clearance as #2
‼️ [18:25:50] Missed Go Around. Make sure to issue a go around if the plane ahead has not vacate the runway. Very very important not to miss a G/A

Overall it was a pretty good session seriously.
Your sequencing and clearances on my multiple runway change were nicely handled with a new direction each time.

Keep up the good work! Thanks for the service!



Hello @Calditaa

Here is your feedbacks for CYUL today

Was a pretty nice session

✅ Inbound
✅ Transition
✅ pattern entry for 24L
✅ Clearance for option with direction after
✅ Pattern entry on r/w change
⚠️ Your sequencing / clearance could have been a little faster here. AC and me were pretty parallels on each d/w so an early sequence is preffered.
✅ Clearance #1 with direction to take
✅ Sequencing as #2 on my last pattern
✅ Clearance
✅ Exit runway speed
✅ Cross runway (try to be proactive and don’t wait for the pilot to request when the way is clear)

Thanks for the service!

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