Calculating Your Flight

I only have Vs speed and so but thats on the ground

Tap and hold each selection to adjust which stats you want to show

Odd. It’s most likely crosswinds.

Ohhhhhh I seee because I thought you must have a updated version so you just hold it in which you want.

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Does Madrid spain usually have turbulence

Depends on the weather 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Is 23 kts a high wind got that in madrid thx for the help😁

I’m going to link what I said on another topic:

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I have planned my life for IF on this site. it is absolutely brilliant


Hello i calculating Decent with a calculator.
Her is a Picture:

You can SEE: 34 000 is Ft. 24 is minutes. And 1416 is Vertical Speed.
So you will Decent 24 minutes to landing with Vertical Speed is -1400

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Thank you so much I truly do appreciate it a lot gonna use al the advice youguys give me thx for the support appreciate it alpt truly one last question what is this on the airport map on the image.IMG_20190131_234947

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This means that the wind is coming from heading 200. Wind speed is 23 kts. The 2 sm is the visibility. This means you can see 2 salute miles.

Thank you so.much for the information and the 2961ft probably means how high above sea level so youre probably gonna need aa slower decent rate and land at a higher altitude

Yes that is correct. If you do have questions make sure you do use the search bar. Many of these questions can be answered with other topics on the forum. Also don’t hesitate to PM me! I am always open to answer your questions!:)

Thank you so.much @Joseph007 really appreciate the help will defos dm you for more info appreciate everyones help💪

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Where did you get this formula?

With reference to real life proceedures,here is a quick details on descend:

Calculating TOD:

One of the important part is calculation of TOD,it differs with reference to the degree glide the pilot wants,however most airliners or GA prefers 3 degree glide.using 3 degree glide,here is a formula:

D(nm)= Cruise altitude-fix altitude * Descend angle/(majority preference is 3degree)*100

Example: I am cruising at FL340 and wanna go all way down to FL60 in a 3degree glide,so by applying the above mentioned formula,we will get:

D(nm)= 34000-6000 /3*100= 93.33 or 93 NM

So we got the answer.To descend to FL60 from FL340, it will take 93 nautical miles if applying 3degree descent angle

Now,here’s how you will determine the VS for descend:

With same details above,we will calculate descend rate:

VS(ft/min)- 5%(descent rate%.Note: 3 degree angle is also reffered as 5% rate rate,an explanation for future :)) * ground speed

                                                             or  5*ground speed

Assume GS400, we want to descend to FL60 therefore descend VS will be

5 * 400=2000 fpm,so descend at 2000fpm all the way maintaining the VS as per the rule with reference to your GS

Happy landings.

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