Calculating Your Flight

How do you calculate youre time for decent and calculating hiw.much fuel and weight you.need for youre flight😁😁

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I use FplToIF
Great tool for flight planning


Or simbrief in conjuction with the above👆


For descending, I usually begin 150 nm out. Works pretty well.


My INFINITE flight doesnt show the time from my destination don’t know if its a setting that you must change for that thanks for the help tho😁

Must you create a profile for it a cool page to help😁

Thank you so.much will gi check😁

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Yes. It’s at the bottom. I forget where, however.

For descent calculation, I usually use this formula for when to start:

Cruise Flight Level - Desired Flight Level / 3 = Distance

And this one for my VS:

1000 x Mach Speed x 3 = Descent VS

Yes, you need a profile.

You can not see time to destination when on the ground.
Press and hold on the bottom menu on screen and select ETE when in the air.

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Thank you so so.much will defos.use that formula one.more help on my settings I have this on I was wondering if this should be on or not


Where would the menu button appear thanks for the help😁

That just depends on personal preference. It basically mean you can steer the plane on the ground with the ailerons (tilting your device)

He means the status bar at the bottom. Tapping and holding each selection allows you to see different stats.

Because when im in the air and coming in for landing when I turn (roll) my rear of the plane goes to the side aswell

Thx for theth help appreciate it alot😁

Yeah, coupling the ailerons only works on the ground. Might I ask what your using to roll the plane?

This status bar/menu at the bottom of your screen:


I use my ailerons and tilt my phones side ways to stear the plane 😁