Calculating Top of descent (For beginners) using 2 step approach

A new tutorial!
How to descent in an easy way from high Altitude?

**P1)**You are at FL300, And you want to descent, do this calculations:-
Then 90+70NM=160NM
Descent from 30000 to 15000

**P2)**Then Do this Calculation:-
So at 53NM descent to 3000 then wait until establish on Localizer

That is all!

***VS.:- ***-1700----------->-2000

FL300:- 0.75M
FL250:- 220k
FL200:- 200k
FL150:- 190k
7000ft:- 170k
3000ft:- Landing speed.

####Thank you


There is already a same post here…

@R_Jordanian Ever, Ever, Ever, Search before post!

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This is for begginers in another way from High alt

Still it’s related and similar. We don’t want topics about every single little thing that can happen :-)
Good tutorial though!

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Very interesting

Yeah but beginners or confirmed users, the calcul is the same…!


It’s not, show me that post

Your speeds look low, we often keep our aircraft around 220-240 until near landing when we drop the flaps. (That is unless the STAR says different).


That is for begginers, if they started doing this then they will be familiar with the IRL procedure

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@R_Jordanian :


Why did you have two sames topics ?

Is the difference is : for beginner and for confirmed users ?

  1. Mine contains 2 parts (1 is to descent to half of the ALT and the other is to final) while them is direct (from Crusing alt to landing)
  2. That other topic i made was show the way from lower alts


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We’re did you get 70nm from

i need to know for my t/d im landing at KLAX from YSSY and do I still use the same formula if im at FL390?

Generally speaking, most planes can easily make 10,000ft at 30miles from the field if you start at about 150nm out and drop at 1200-1800 depending on cruise.

Really helpful. Thanks!