Calculating Top of Descent and ETA at Destination

I know liveflight and other multiple flight tracking websites do this, but I haven’t found out a way to do that.

I am looking for a way to make a bot which will ping people prior to descent if requested, but I seem to have hit a wall here. Help please!

Also can I capture Flight Time directly? Didn’t see any such data in the IF Live API docs

1 Like uses dead reckoning to work out where the aircraft will be in ”x” seconds, and ETAs are worked out with just a rearranged version of that formula.

Obviously this needs updating fairly frequently, so depending on how you’re implementing it will depend on how this works for you 🙂

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But it can get horribly wrong in cases like cross Atlantic travel where wind speeds over the ocean and wind speed across land vary by a huge margin. But I get your point though. Thanks

It’s actually pretty accurate if you update it regularly, every half a minute or less is good. As soon as you start to bring in drift, correction headings, etc, it starts getting complicated, and is normally just overkill for the amount of improvement that you might see.

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