Calculating TOD

I know that this has been discussed many times but I haven’t gotten any of them to work so I found this. I find that #3 works the best (:

This one works pretty well:

Just fill in the altitude and speed sections and it will tell you when to start descent.


I use #2 for all my descents between waypoints down to 3000 to 5000 feet. It is just so easy to do. Of course you will need a proper flight plan.

Great thanks

Having looked at this I have now added ascent and descent calculations into my Random Flight Generator

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@Rotate gave me this works great [quote=“Rotate, post:2, topic:5257”]
begin your descent.

To calculate descent location, divide the number of feet you wish to descend by 1,000. If I want to descend from FL200 to 0 feet, do20,000 ft / 1,000 ft = 20Then,20 x 3 = 60 nm60 is the number of nautical miles out to begin descent.

To determine your vertical speed during descent, use your ground speed. If ground speed is 300 knots, do(300 kt / 2) x 10 = 1500 fpmYou want to descend at 1,500 feet per minute.

If you want to know how many minutes,60 nm / (300 kt / 60 min) = 12 minutes

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