Calculating the V1, VR, V2

Hello, I’m just want to know something…
Is there any way to calculate the V speed ?
I know it depend of which aircraft you choose but there is obviously a mathematical formula. Does someone know her ?

A simple google search will find you the answer

Which Google search would that be?

What are the V speeds for the 737, 777, 787, etc.

Ah. Ok. Thanks!

This might work, but there are also issues like weight and other stuff.

You can just use In-Flight Assistant by John Goering


I believe now gives you the V1, VR, and V2 speeds.


It didn’t when I just went and used the random flight generator

FPLtoIF does provide V1, VR, and V2 speeds.

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To add onto @Qantas094, in the In-Flight Assistant app, you can automatically calculate the V speeds by pressing the “Autofill” button. Make sure you’ve spawned, though.

It takes into account current flaps position and weight to give you the most accurate results, please note that not every aircraft is available.

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this helps a TON. would reccomend you save it someplace


Well, actually the V-speeds nowadays are calculated by the FMS (Flight Management System), they depend on the weather, runway, weight, aircraft, N1, etc.

We cannot be certain, but as @Niccckk mentioned before, is a good tool to plan your flight and get the V-speeds. Remember that it will never be 100% accurate though.

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I would use the IF Assistant app, once your fuel loads and weight has been put into your aircraft it automatically calculates your V speeds.

I had just tested it, and I changed weight of the aircraft but the V-speeds didn’t change, you sure it works properly? Maybe I am doing something wrong…

An update has recently came out. You must make sure it’s connected and press the button Autofill.

Indeed, that is what I’ve done, anyways, let’s not detract the main topic here.

I have made a topic for all aircraft takeoff speeds. These are only accuracies that fits for every attempted takeoff I have made myself in the same weather conditions.

Please note that I am not able to edit my topic anymore due to Discource time limits since the topic was created. For now it is for all aircraft for version 19.1.

To make In-Flight Assistant works for sure: firstly force to quit Infinite Flight and In-Flight Assistant, launch In-Flight Assistant then Infinite Flight. A bit boring but it has to be done like this.
When a flight is engaged in Infinite Flight, go to In-Fligh Assistant and click on Auto-fill: V1, Vr and V2 will be auto set.
This post would help:

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Yes but not all the time :/