Calculating takeoff speeds

I know that the takeoff speeds are usually computed by the FMC, but does anybody know how to calculate the speeds manually/by yourself? (Specifically the A320)

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No I don’t know how by myself but…

Thanks to @epaga


Temps, Winds, Aircraft Weight, and Altitude all depend on takeoff speed it from my perspective. It’s a bit too much to explain.

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As @NismoKits described, The tempature, ofcourse the weight, the winds, runway conditions if its dry or slippery. Usually a headwind vauses lower ground speed on take off and tail wind causes faster ground soeed on take off, and aircraft, if you’re flyimg a cessna you will take off at about 60-70 knots depending on weight, as on an airliner usually 130 to 160 or 170 knots, allot of factors determine your V1 speed and rotation speed, you must calculate before deciding your speed.

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