Calculating take off and landing speeds?

Do pilots calculate the aircrafts take off and landing speeds or does the FMC do that for them? I’m not a pilot and would like to understand how this is done in real life and maybe apply it to Infinite Flight. Your comments are appreciated, thanks.

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Oh yeh FMC does everything for them but they do their own home work and cross check when preparing for take off and landing. Most people think when pilot on cruise only think they do, chat with girls and drink coffee and enjoy the view, nope Im sure they got lot to do, if you fly short hauls.


@Aernout Can answer this 😉


For a narrow body aircraft take the gross weight and -25. So a 737 with a gross weight of 65T would have a V1 of 140knts, the VR is normaly 5knts above the V1 so I would rotate at 145knts.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m sure @Laurens can answer this question. 😉

Thank you for your help guys, looking forward to hear from the other members. I really appreciate it.

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I believed that pilots flying jetliners uses FMC to calculate their V-speed because it varies according to factors such as aircraft weight, runway length, wing flap setting, engine thrust used and runway surface contamination. If I’m wrong please correct me.

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Take off and landings speeds are computed by a computer based on:

  • Wind
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • runway length
  • Runway condition (dry/wet)
  • Any MEL items that affect the aircrafts performance.
  • Weight
  • obstacles

Thank you very much for the information, that was perfect.

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Years ago the speeds where calculated by the First Officer using tables, now it’s all computerized.

Doing it manually using perf tables is not that difficult anyway. You can find them online for most airplanes. Still, I dream of a built in FMS for the a320 in IF!


Always worth a laugh when I hear people saying “the autopilot is doing everything for them they don’t even have lots of work”

E6B anyone! Max Sends

Even that is in App Store @Maxmustang, remember computerised!! Soon pilot will be flying from base like UAV ;)

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@GatwickGuy Some general needed another star and they changed the acronym from UAV to RPA a few years ago. Wait a few years and it’ll be changed back, haha.

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@stephenswann what’s your favorite aircraft in IF? Commercial or military, with the amount of experience you, which one you enjoy flying?

@GatwickGuy I probably spend the most amount of time in the B737-700. I do enjoy cruising around in the A10 doing low levels. When the maps get bigger I’ll probably spend more time into larger aircraft like the 747. It would be fun to do some F-22 or A-10 formation flying. Get like 4 planes and come up initial with lead breaking over the numbers. Would probably have to get a Skype call going at the same time to work something like that.

Skype is good. Have you heard about Zello? It’s walki talkie app over wifi. Some people already hosting Live ATC on it. This may give you more realestic experience. Sorry hijacking the thread. We could always PM each other ;)

@stephenswann… Steve, Interesting comment: Been trying to get a fighting pair together for section launch sequence, 2v1… 2v2 DACM. Etc. watch for an event. The Tanker Event got some fighter jocks out of bed, a good go. See the Photo in Event Catagory. Just for jollies really enjoy the Spit and Flying in the London Region. Ah those green fields and historic aerodrome plus the Bridge to Far Route out of Arnhem on the continent. As for the F-22 it’s a standoff platform, unrealistic to get it into a fur ball. Like the Hog, wish it had 3D. Ok, off topic… Jock’s gota commune at every opportunity cause we are rare birds on IF. Mad Max Sends

@Maxmustang yeah man, I’m down for formation flying whenever. We can even do it in larger aircraft.