Calculating runway exits

Hello! I like to plan my runway exits before decent so I can get the most optimal taxi to the gate, however, I always overshoot or undershoot the exit. IRL pilots calculate the exit. Is this possible in IF and if so, how do you calculate it? Thanks.

No, I don’t think it is possible. You could create a #features topic for this, but since you’re new around these parts, the topic wouldn’t be open long before a mod would close it (learned that the hard way with my first topic in #real-world-aviation) Once your trust level goes up (you’ll get a notification when it does) you can create topics with no interference. Keep logging in, liking and commenting, and you’ll be Trust Level 2 in no time.

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Anything is possible😉

You could try different trust reverse and brake percentages, and see how long it will take the plane to slow down at a certain weight, and then put this in a Spreadsheet or Excel. This would cost some effort, but after a while you would have a very usefull database! I don’t know something to calculate it precisely tough.

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The mini map helps now that we have taxiways visible. You can look ahead and a chart and then on landing use your mini map.


Alright, I’ve done some research on the inter-webs and it seems like a table would be the only way forward as @Olivier999 said. It could be a feature, but I think it wouldn’t get enough votes to be added and it might be a bit hard on devices. PM me if you have the answer. Thanks, this has been flagged for closure.

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