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How does IF Calculate the amount of XP you earn each flight

Former moderator Levet sums it up quite nicely in this post:


XP really isn’t that much of a concern. For the most part, if you have enough landings to make it to grade 3, you will most likely have enough XP. If not, the best way to earn it is to do patterns. Now I’m not exactly sure how it’s calculated, use the link above for that but you shouldn’t have to worry too much about XP

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well im grade four so im not really worried about getting to grade three and i was just wonerding

thank you ill read it

You do not get XP taken away at all unless you do some sort of reasonable offense that can get it taken away or reset to 0 in game. Landings and flight time are the only 2 things you need on a steady rate in order to keep your grade 4 / 5.

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i didnt know that. thinks for telling me

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