Calculate V1,VR,V2 Climb performance?

Is there any good way of calculating V1 VR V2 climb performance and N1 for take off and climb power?

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You can always do research on the aircraft you are flying and see what works.
As you fly more and more you get better at this kind of stuff, it just requires practice.

I always set my initial climb-out to 2000-3000 VS depending on the aircraft and weight.


I don’t really know how to calculate myself, but some community members made a spreadsheets for Aircrafts in IF.


As far as I know, the pilots don’t calculate the V1/VR/V2. The manufacturer gives the airline a table with all the speeds for all possible weights and pilots use that table/the aircraft selects it itself.


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Thats partially not true. In the old days yes but now each manufacture have applications that can be installed on airline EFBS or indeed directly into the A/C the Pilots then input the data, and can manipulate it as they please see fit to get the data they require. The Speeds are only as good as the data put in by the pilots :) As for infinite flight… Keep an eye out, one might be out on the community in the coming weeks ;)


If you use Simbrief, they have some OFPs with those V-Speeds calculated for you as well.

Looking forward to that FMC app though.

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