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Someone can suggest me some site or application to calculate the amount of fuel that I should carry in the plane so that I do not lack or give me more than I should. Thanks for those who can help me

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I would recommend

2 Likes is also a great one!
Happy Flying :D

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The procedure I usually follow (by no means the best procedure, but worked for me) is as follows:

  1. Find the ‘direct to’ distance between my departure and destination airport and if possible, the direct flight time. (Note: I highlighted direct because a lot of times online you’ll only find the flight time with layovers - that’s not what you want).

  2. Set the fuel according to my requirements by the fuel slider. IF’s estimated fuel times are pretty good numbers to work with usually. I follow the FAA’s IFR flight fuel requirements - enough fuel to get to my destination, and then an alternate airport, and then for 45 minutes’ flying time after.

  3. Plan for ‘step-climbs’ to conserve fuel. For example, if you wanna cruise at FL350 (35,000 feet), I wouldn’t go straight up there after takeoff. I’d cruise some ways at FL230, then FL270, then FL310 and so on to improve my fuel burn.

Hope this helps!

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Why I normally fly the plane and use 2-3 hours more fuel than I fly? I look real life flight time in google and add 2 hours extra for medium or short flight, or 3 hours extra for long flight, or 4 hours extra for very long flight. Why I always use so much?

Do you happen to be cruising at full power/full throttle?

You definitely don’t need 4 hours of extra fuel for a long haul. You need 45 minutes of reserve fuel minimum and that’s about it.

but sometimes I arrive with low fuel, I use 3 hours extra fuel but I only fly less hours than my fuel hours. I cruise at mach 0.85 on autopilot

Check your throttle setting, and the altitude you’re flying at. It has to be appropriate for the aircraft you’re flying and the weight you’re carrying. If you’re cruising at 100% throttle that’s definitely gonna burn more fuel than expected. You might then want to descend and cruise at a lower altitude to conserve fuel. Just an example.
You can check the topic on step-climbs here:

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