Calculate Flight Plan distance and time


I was wondering if it was possible to calculate the flight time elapsed and remaining, as well as the distance to destination using the data provided by the Live API?

You could make an estimate based on current speed and distance remaining

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Is there a way to access distance remaining through the API? That would make sense yes

I’m assuming I could calculate an approximate “distance elapsed” number with the first and last latitude and longitude coordinate pair in the FlightDetails.aspx, but I can’t seem to find a “total flight distance” or “remaining distance” figure in the API.

That data isn’t in the API unfortunately, we don’t send it from the device to the servers.

There are ways to approximate this using the flight plan

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That makes sense. I could probably grab the latitude and longitude of the last waypoint, and the latitude and longitude of the current position, and calculate it from that.

Thank you!

Yep, that’s a way of doing it. Worth noting you can grab airport / navigation data from the Infinite Flight Airport Editing repos: (the .dat files for fixes are the most straightforward to get started with, just split each line)


Oh that’s absolutely amazing! I hadn’t thought of that! Thank you so so so much