Calculate cargo weight

How do I know how much Cargo Weight to select in fpltoif? for example. Tomorrow I want to make a flight from VABB to OMDB with a Boeing 777-200F. Emirates charge. I put 1 in passengers and in Cargo Weight?

Just do AUTO - or select a random value…its more fun…

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HAHAHA, ok!! good answer


but there is no automatic option in charge weight

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Just scroll and stop and take the value you stop on…try and get a high value because heavy takeoffs are really fun!


OK… Thanks again

you know what? you choose. How much weight do I carry? Something more real. Not the maximum!

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47000 kg

Every 1 soul on-board at 35 kgs of cargo. 1x 35 = 35kgs of cargo etc…

(That what I do)

Okay, so two souls on board because it’s a freighter… 70 kg of cargo!

@ThomasThePro Don’t forget about belly cargo… belly cargo accounts for 55% of all global aircaft freight

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something like this?

That would set it to either 70,000 KG or LBS depending on what it’s set up to.

If I’m shipping freight, I do 15-50,000 kg.

I’m going crazy! How much load do I carry? tell me what I have to put on the page. Please! 😂

And if you can, tell me the account that I have to do whenever I make a flight. the passenger flight account, and the cargo flight account. what i have to put in fpltoif

41,000 kg final answer from me lol

In the page is 41.0?

hello? can you answer me?

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Yes, you are correct

Yes, that is what you put in

Thank you so much

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and the calculation to not have to always ask? on cargo and passenger flights …

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