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Departure - N/A
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Roger I come now

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Feedback from OK-BONG

-For upwind conflict u dont need to tell me to turn crosswind instead u should just give me pattern entry and sequencing which is enter left downwind runway 02L number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind

Other than that overall a lovely session Good job on catching the Go around :) remember to pay attention to that as failing to catch it on practical would be result in a fail

noted, thanks bong!

Feedback | YU-KII

  • ⚠️ I don’t know why you sent a give way at this time but it’s nothing
  • Do you know you can send “pattern entry and sequence in 1 message”
  • ✅ all other was good
  • look at @BongAviation feedback

All for me

roger! thanks a lot.

Sorry I missed, been busy. Feel free to ping me again.

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