Calaskan spotting @KSTS

Here I am, with my first spotting topic. I am a VERY bad plane spotter, but I’m trying to get better. So these photos are from two different days, the first one just before the runway 14 threshold, and the other just before the 32 threshold. Any tips are appreciated!

First up, we have a Calfire Marsh Turbo Tracker(Reg. N434DF) coming back after fighting some wildfires!

Next, we have a Alaskan E175LR(Reg. N632QX) arriving from KSEA! It was a very smoky day so there is a dull grey background in the photo.

Equipment: Canon SLR(Don’t know the specifics)
Editing: Paint 3D(Yes, I know paint 3d sucks)
Thanks for viewing!

If you did not get the title, I basically merged CalFire and Alaskan


Cool pictures!

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Thank you!

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