Cal Fire CWN activated

CalFire has activated Call When Needed contracts due to wild fires in Cali.

And they’re off! Neptune’s T-02, T-10 and T-12 left wintry conditions in Missoula yesterday after being activated on a CAL FIRE CWN contract. The National Weather Service is predicting critical fire weather conditions in much of Southern California from early Thursday through Friday afternoon due to wind gusts of 45 and 70 miles per hour and humidity bottoming out as low as 3 percent.

WE ARE NEPTUNE! Embracing Family! Firm Handshake! Resilient Spirit!

T-02 photo courtesy of Jeremy Ulloa (2017)
T-10 & T-12 photos courtesy of Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Department (2017)


Where do you get all this news? I gotta catch up in the #real-world-aviation topics. 😂

I have contacts… and I deal with the fire industry so I’m always tracking forestry stuff. Just like the 747 is heading back to the States they were released from contact in Bolivia 8hrs ago


Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree?

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Yeah there is a lot of Neptune aviation tanker activity in Missoula. Mainly in the spring and the summer.

It’s cool to see them in action! I love what they are doing for aviation in Montana.

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We have one Neptune pilot on IFC I know of

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Tanker 10 deployed today on the saddle ridge fire

@Mattheus -
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Thanks for the Update @RotorGuy! 🙂

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