Cakeday Flight! TNCC > TNCM

Hello everyone! Today it’s my 1 year anniversary of being on the forum! Today I went flying in a 717 (supposed to be a JetAir Caribbean Fokker 70) from Curaçao to Sint Maarten!

I hope you like my photos!

Route: TNCC > TNCM

Aircraft: Boeing 717

Server: Training

Total flight time: 1:25

Parked and boarding at TNCC.



Another cool cruising pic.


A picture up close from the beach!




Parked at the gate.

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Lovely pictures 😄

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Nice phots 🙂

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Does 60 V/S count as a butter? Sadly I didn’t get my 15 V/S in the 717 again like I normally do. 😫 I should really fly more in that thing

Teach me your ways

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PM me I’ll tell you in a sec

Haha stop lying

Jokes aside, looks like a beautiful flight! Hope you had fun!

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No, it is possible, though very difficult.
I pulled off a -125fpm (not too bad) on the 717 once

I know it’s a joke

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Nice shots, happy Cake Day!

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