Cakeday Compilation - My Best Moonshots!


Yesterday was my cakeday, but I didn’t get the chance to do much community wise, because I was busy with other things. So I decided to post this today. This compilation consists of my favorite type of photo in IF, moonshots! I have taken many, but here are my best.

Here, I took the 787 for a spin in solo mode, this photo was featured in “Some Deltastic Flights”

My 737-800 in the AA Astrojet livery, looks like it’s kind of flying into the moon. This photo was in “All American Moonshots” and my first photo compilation, so it’s obviously one of my favorite ones.

This is another one of my favorites, I was blasting out of Seattle when I took this photo, this one was featured in “Seattle Sunset”

This was from my recent topic “Dash Away!” This formation flight was conducted by me and @LongHaulGuy, (thanks again by the way). Here, we were breaking from the formation, with the TCAS blaring in our ears.

Now, Some never before seen moonshots!

At the time of this photo, I was cruising over the Canadian Rockies in solo mode. This is the only new moonshot with blue sky visible.

In solo mode, (so I wouldn’t get a violation), I was casually using my F22, I was got to 1,900 knots airspeed, then decided to pull up, crazy right? Well, after I went up to 160,000 feet, I spun out of control, I got the plane in the right direction, then took the photo. This is one of my favorites.

My Delta 717 he’d just reached crushing altitude over the Rockies when I took this photo at almost exactly midnight. I love the 717 and this photo brings out the beautiful 1960s design of the 717 (the 717 is a successor of the DC-9) p. This is also one of my favorites.

This is what happens at 33,000,000 feet, thanks @samw223 for telling me about SVUQ, a glitched airport. I did the classic dive into the ground and then fly out trick, and I blasted all the way up to 33,000,000 feet, where I could see the moon, but still have noon sunlight on my plane. This was one of my most fun flights recently.

Thank you everyone who has wished me a happy cakeday, I will not disclose my age though. Thanks for viewing my latest and best moonshots.

Have a great day IFC! 🥳🍰


Looks like the MD80

Anyways awesome shots mate, keep it up.


Thank you @Qantas094, The DC-9, MD-80 and 717 are all mashed on the same aircraft, so it makes sense it looks like a Md-80.


I really like moon shots awesome buddy


Thank you @Armani_B! Much appreciated!


Nice shots!! That TCAS was not happy… 🤣


I’m sure it wasn’t, thanks for flying with me again!

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That first one though 🤤

Wow the second one is very nice! Keep it up!

Thank you @AlphaSeven and @Delta767!

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Wonderful shots. Also happy belated Cake day.

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Thank you @sapper! Much appreciated!

Fantastic moonshots, the quality is amazing!

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Thanks @JulianB! The quality is what I always go for when taking pics.

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Great pictures!

Meanwhile, in picture 4…


Happy Birthday!

Lol I know.
Thank you @anon57683537!

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How do you make these moonshots? I’ve never seen a moon like this in IF

Great Shots!

These actually look really cool, do you just use photoshop or something to make this?

Great pictures! I don’t know which is my favorite because they are all amazing! Happy late birthday!