Cake Day Flight. LFBH-EGLL

Good day to everyone. I decided to take a quick cake day flight. I flew into a very busy and well controlled London Heathrow this afternoon from La Rochelle Laleu. Departure was very straight forward as well as the cruise at an altitude of 27,000ft. As I approached London’s airspace things became busy and a surprise on final.
Today’s flight was in the CRJ1000 Hop Livery on Expert Server.

Beautiful departure into clear sunny skies

Continuing to climb out.

Starting to cross the English channel

Passengers getting a great view of the English country side as we finish crossing the channel

FO gets to fly the approach and landing

Approach setting us up for our final

One short final and Surprise we get a cake day Go Around

Phew after another long but smooth approach on a go around we finally touch down

Shut down passengers unloading and a nice sunset with that great silhouette shot of the 777 in the background
It was a very nice flight overall great job to the IFATC team for smooth operations.
Hope yall enjoyed today’s flight let me know what everyone thinks and happy flying.


Nice pics & happy birthday!


Happy birthday!
Those are some nice pics, like the HOP livery.

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Happy Birthday 🥳 nice pics there awesome

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Thanks yall for the birthday wishes. It’s been. A good one this year

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Damn! Nice pictures, and Wish you a very good happy birthday :)

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Awesome! Happy birthday!! Really liked pictures 1,7, and 8. I like that view! Happy cake day again!

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