Cairns Flyout @ YBCS - 060000ZJUL19

image Cairns Flyout

Cairns is Australia’s seventh busiest airport, with over 15 destinations with the Qantas Group. Cairns is also a major hub for our Qantaslink fleet. Come and celebrate Far North Queensland beauty and Qantaslink’s operations at our YBCS Flyout.

Will you be embarking on the Spirit of Australia?

image Flight Information

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Cairns International Airport [YBCS]

Time: Saturday, July 6, 2019 12:00 AM

Aircraft: Any Qantas/QantasLink/Jetstar Aircraft

image NOTAM:

  • Request a gate below to reserve your spot at the event. Make sure to include your aircraft and destination!

  • Please Spawn in roughly 15 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX) , all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

  • Make sure to take plenty of pictures and post them below!

Choose where you want to fly from the destinations below!


Destination Aircraft
Brisbane B737
Melbourne B737, A330
Sydney B737, A330


Destination Aircraft
Ayers Rock B717
Brisbane B717
Hamilton Island Q400
Horn Island Q400
Mackay Q400
Port Moresby Q400
Rockhampton Q400
Townsville Q400
Weipa Q400


Destination Aircraft
Adelaide A320
Brisbane A320
Darwin A320
Denpasar A320
Gold Coast A320
Melbourne A320
Osaka–Kansai B787
Perth A320
Sydney A320
Tokyo–Narita B787

To request a gate,
Please state the Airline , Destination and Aircraft of your flight and you will be provided with a gate.

Gate List

Terminal One (International)
Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
Gate 1 - B787
Gate 2 - B787
Gate 3 - B787
Gate 4 - B787
Gate 5 - B787 @anon70772274 B787 Tokyo
Gate 6 - B787 @Adam_S B787 Kansai
Gate 7 - B787 @My_Account A320 Sydney
Gate 8 - B787 @Luke_M A320 Sydney
Gate 9 - A320 @Joshh A320 Sydney
Gate 10 - B737 @Austin.cawley B737 Sydney

Terminal Two (Domestic)
Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
Stand 11 - Dash 8
Stand 12 - Dash 8 @Plnelovr Dash 8 Horn Island
Stand 13 - Dash 8
Stand 14 - Dash 8
Stand 15 - Dash 8 @sam2875 Dash 8 Weipa
Stand 16 - Dash 8 @alphabravo6 Dash 8 Hamilton Island
Stand 17 - B737 @TimR B737 Sydney
Gate 18 - A330 @QVG-Crunch A330 Sydney
Gate 19 - A330 @N2628P A330 Sydney
Gate 20 - A330 @nincombop B737 Brisbane
Gate 21 - B737 @Luke_L B737 Sydney
Gate 22 - B737 @SebastianF B737 Sydney
Gate 23 - B737 @Qantas094 A320 Gold Coast - Coolangatta

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I’ll take a Qantas 737 down to Sydney!

can i have an A330 to sydney please

I’ll take stand 12 to Horn Island

May I please have a gate down to SYD in a Qantas 738.

Could I please have stand 17. Off to Hamilton Island in the Q-Link Q400

I’ll take a Jetstar 787 up to Tokyo for QVG thanks


  • You have Stand 17


  • You have Stand 12


  • You have Stand 16


  • You have Gate 18


  • You have Gate 21


  • You have Gate 5

See you all there!



Can I have a gate for 738 to sydney


  • You have Gate 22

See you there!


Can I fly to Coolangatta please with the JQ A320, my call sign will be Jetstar 094, thanks.


  • You have Gate 23

See you there!


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Thank you so much mate.

Qantas Freight 733F to YBBN please. Any cargo gate at YBCS.


  • You have Gate 20

See you there!


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Can I have an A330 to Sydney please


  • You have Gate 19

See you there!


Hey mate… can I please have a gate (preferably next to someone) heading down to Sydney

| Jetstar | A320 | IFAU Joewon | JQ 70 |

Qantas 738 to Sydney please


  • You have Gate 09


  • You have Gate 10

See you there!