Cadet visit to EGLL!

On Saturday my cadet sqaudron was lucky enough to get a trip around the UKs biggest airport London Heathrow! We visited the tower, a British Airways 747, the fire station and we drove a round the taxi way in a mini bus! :)imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


Wow you guys are really lucky to get detailed tours like this


That would be a wicked experience! Hopefully my squadron goes to my local airport, as it looks am amazing!

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My dad works in the control tower so he put it together for my squadron :)


Great photos, very interesting to visit the towers.

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He just said in the above post ;)

I just noticed it after I posted it ;D

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What squadron are you? (207 Cranfield Represent)

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I’m part of 261 squadron in the London and south east region:)

Think I might have tracked the OneWorld 744 on ADS-B. Registration: G-CIVI

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Wow, amazing photos! Looked like a fun visit!

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In one of the photos is G-BNLK which is an old British Airways 747. The BAA worker who showed us around said that it will be retired in 2 weeks :(

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This looks awesome. Very lucky to go round EGLL as well!!

If only the CCF did experiences like this :/

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Ah. It’s currently flying from Cape Town.

The OneWorld livery 747 is the one I was referring to.

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Was this AFROTC? Or CAP. I am in both and our squadron hasn’t visited an operating airport.

I’m part of the air training corps which is part of the RAF.

Classic Brit Weather as well!

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