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Training server

09L/R 08L/R


I’ll be there soon! Maybe in half an hour

are you still open? not coming up for me

Make sure to tag me next time mate.

@FlightG u said to tag

Again, I would love to help, however I’m in school rn. I’ll be available later today and please @ me. Maybe MIA isint the best airport to practice patterns because it has multiple runways and is also a hub for “trainees”


Some observations so far:

  • You should utilize 8L (especially for pattern work) to ease your workload with departing traffic. That way pattern flyers stay out of the way of your departing traffic. You can clear for TO on 8R and then give a pattern entry command for 8L to accomplish this. This won’t be on the practical but it will help you out a lot once you start controlling on the expert server).
  • watch your 12 arrivals conflicting with 8s (I busted on the first pattern with the incoming Saudia - 2nm separation at the same altitude). You can utilize speed restrictions or pattern commands (such as extend DW etc).
  • It’s unnecessary to give traffic direction after the initial TO clearance (it is assumed that the pilot flying a pattern will continue flying the same pattern direction L or R).

This user thinks it’s funny to request every runway in the wrong direction… Hilarious
Even when I gave them clearance in the wrong direction to get them to leave they requested another runway.

User AC0917AA

Thanks for the feedback!

Sry mate I was sleeping timezones 😌

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