Cactus3500’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Been a while since I used the IFC but I’m now opening this thread as I enjoy ATC’ing and would like to be a member of IFATC in the future. Would be fun if you came by on the TS and helped me practice as an ATC. Will be on for an hour depending on how much traffic I get.

I have currently passed the written test for IFATC and just checking to see if I’m missing something in these sessions.

Ping list


Let me know if anyone wants to be added to the list.


I am still open at SFO. Will be closing in about half an hour. Come fly

I had to go earlier but I am now open at KATL. Come by and do some pattern work or a departure.

I’ll stop by in a minute

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Alriight, see you there

Feedback from: General 575


  • Taxi to runway: ✅

  • Taxi to parking: ✅


  • Takeoff / make ___ traffic: ✅

  • Cleared for the option: ✅

  • Sequencing: ✅

  • Exit runway: ✅

Other Feedback:

  • Both runway changes were done perfectly

  • The exit runway command was sent a little early, try aiming to send that at around 80-70kts

Overall this was a really strong session, keep it up!

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Thank you for the feedback! I always wondered when the right time to send exit runway was. Assumed I should send it when you touchdown and start slowing down but following that will be much easier. Thanks for stopping by.

No problem. Normally you don’t want to send it right when the aircraft touches down just in case anything happens. The 80-70 (give or take) is the range to try to send it

Alright, now I know. Thank you

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I am currently open at PHNL. Come fly. I could also change if someone is in flight and has an approach on the training server.

I switched to LFPG now as I noticed I couldn’t give detailed taxi instructions at PHNL.

I am now closed. If someone wants to be pinged for future sessions, let me know. I can also do requests so if you have an approach that you want ATC on (training server), just let me know and I could do approach and tower/ground.

I am now open in Dubai at OMDB. Come by.

Yo. Can you ping me when you go live next? Im at school right now.

Sure, I’ll make a ping list and add you to it.

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I’ve now switched to Frankfurt(EDDF).

One more switch. A lot of randoms started spawning in and did not know how ATC works. It would just be annoying :/. I am now open at LIRF.

I can maybe come in sometime. Will let you know.

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Coming in 2 min

Alright, see you then