Cacti on the River Visual at Sunrise

Well good afternoon (or whatever time it is for you, there’s 23 too many for me to keep track of). I’ve flown a few flights on Beta, and got some good photos from a couple of my flights. I really like the addition of clouds and buildings (obviously), and hopefully the texture issue can be fixed before the update is released.
Flight 1
Chicago to San Francisco • 4:03

Throttling up as we zoom over a UPS A330 that pulled onto the runway while I was 200 feet above

Getting a good look at the terminals and a Lufthansa 747 as we turn toward the bay and back toward runway 28R

Flight 2
Phoenix to Washington Capital • 3:36
For my second flight I flew one of my favorite cross country flights, Phoenix to Washington Regan using the US Airways 757. The US Airways livery is my favorite livery in the Americas and I’m so happy that it’s back on the 757. I took off from Phoenix at 3 AM and Flying the River visual at sunrise with buildings was amazing

Descending through the cotton candy sunrise over Eastern Virginia

Following the Potomac toward the capital of the United States

Moments from touchdown with the control tower looming in front of the wispy Cirrus clouds on a spring Tuesday morning

Parked at the gate in Washington D.C.!

As always please let me know your honest thoughts and your favorite photo!


amazing pictures!

i especially like this one!

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Was the first one in casual? 😂😂
Nice job!


@Aviationer thanks! I like that too with the tower

@IF_International it might’ve been, he said he was holding short but I guess wanted to make me tour the bay one more time 😂

When they misinterpret Hold Short as LUAW 😨

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I really like the second one, I think it would be a perfect IF loading screen!

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Thanks! It definitely fits the style they use but it’s like the 3,000th picture that looks like that after beta 😂

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