Cabo Verde Boeing 757-200

Hello IFC!

I think we would all love to see this beautiful livery at 20.3.

It is an international airline based in Cape Verde. It connects four continents and cultures, with nonstop flights from the hub at Amílcar Cabral International Airport on Ilha do Sal, Cape Verde to Boston and Washington DC, Dakar and Lagos, 4 locations in Brazil and 4 in Europe, with more destinations on the horizon.


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Voted! I’ve seen this plane several times on the FR24 flying to Brazil.


I thought this was the Cabo Verde 757 livery?

Credit in image


1000% need this

Perhaps they have more than one model of livery for the same model of aircraft.

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It would be great to have this livery to make the flights she does to the northeast of Brazil! 👌

@Fellipe_Eduardo I think that might be the shortest transatlantic flight in the world?

Anyways, are there two different liveries?

I’m not sure…

Voted, she comes here to Boston, excited to try out those routes.

This would be the only livery that would probably fly with the 757. What a decay this rework.

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Voted, but I think D4-CCG (The one in Altaria’s reply) is more beautiful than D4-CCH

Ok, that is what I call a livery, neat and beautiful


Actually D4-CCF even features a third livery:

Would be a very cool addition to the IF fleet!
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Nice livery! This would be a very nice addition in the IF.

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I would very much like the addition of this livery. Although the aircraft is old, but still used, it would be very useful to up the routes of Cape Verde. I hope the Devs will consider that.


@Zach007 , @Lavoe787
That’s the livery I meant there thank you for the like btw :p

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Pretty good livery has my vote


I prefer the D4-CCF ^^


Look at this beauty 🥰

But the D4-CCH still looks bomb 🌊👍🏽


Got my vote 😍

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Thank you so much !!! It helps !
I hope we’ll get more :p

Update : 1h ago we were 15, now 17, wow.
That’s amazing. I hope we’ll reach at least 20 votes soon !!

🇨🇻 🎉