Cabo Verde 757-200 Route Database

Hello! As you know Cabo Verde is a confirmed livery coming to the new 757-200! I decided to make a route data base as im sure all of you will love to do a flight with this beauty as soon as it comes out. So here you go! Enjoy!

  1. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Santiago (GVNP/RAI)

  2. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Sao Nicolau (GVSN/SNE)

  3. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Boa Vista (GVBA/BVC)

  4. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Maio (GVMA/MMO)

  5. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Sao Vicente (GVSV/VXE)

You can also mix up the routes and go island to island, not just from Sal. ;)

International (Made for the 757!)
United States
  1. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Boston (KBOS/BOS)

  2. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Washington Dulles (KIAD/IAD)

  3. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Providence (KPVD/PVD)

  1. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Amsterdam (EHAM/AMS)

  2. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Paris (LFPG/CDG)

  3. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Lisbon (LPPT/LIS)

  4. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Rome (LIRF/FCO)

  5. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Milan (LIMC/MXP)

  1. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Dakar (GOOY/DKR)

  2. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Lagos (DNMM/LOS)

  3. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Luanda (FNLU/LAD)

  4. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Bissau (GGOV/OXB)

South America
  1. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Fortaleza (SBFZ/FOR)

  2. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Recife (SBRF/REC)

  3. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Salvador (SBSV/SSA)

  4. Sal (GVAC/SID) to Porto Alegre (SBPA/POA)

Thanks for checking this out! I hope you learned something new about Cabo Verde and there routes! If I were you, I would save this to my bookmarks because im sure you will want to do an awesome and realistic flight with this beauty. BTW! These are all Real World routes!

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I feel like this should belong in the B757 Route Database

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Having databases for specific liveries will clog up the category real quick with the amount of liveries set to come with this rework. If you’d like to see this livery added to the thread linked above, let me know and I’ll have it added or you :)


Sure thing! Ill be sure to send it right over!


Please add to current database