Cabin view (with Door Animations) for the B777 Family

So first off, yes, I know that there is a B777 family rework thread. However, since there would be a B777 rework soon, I think this feature should be implanted.


Why Should There be Cabin Views for the B777 Family:
Well, first of all, the B777 is getting a rework so it would be great to see this in the rework. Second of all, the B777 is one of the most flown aircraft in IF and one of the most powerful aircraft.

Format by @JT_Playz

Considering this is already the standard for recently reworked aircraft, surely the 777 family will have cabin views as well as door animations. All future aircraft will.


I’m grateful that you got inspired by my topic, however, I think 9/10 that this will already come with the aircraft. The only reason I am requesting the A320 interior, is because it doesn’t need a rework, while there are a lot of things the 777 could have a rework on (cockpit, wingflex, etc.). These are all things that the A320 has, hence why I made a request just specifically for that. :)

That would be really nice feature. Also we deserve inside sounds during start up, taxiing, flight and landing. Maybe not today but i am hopeful for the future.

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