Cabin View (With Door Animations) For The A320 Series

So first off, yes, I know that there is an A320 family rework thread. However, I am not asking for a complete breakdown of the model we currently have. I am just asking for additions to the current model and animations.

The A320 family consists of the A318, A319, A320, and A321 (Along with the -LR & NEOS). These short to medium haul aircraft were made to compete with Boeing’s 737 series. As of today, Boeing 737 orders are more prevalent than A320 orders, but the A320 leads with more deliveries.

Why Should There be Cabin Views for the A320 Series:
Why do I think that an interior view for these specific aircraft? Well, with the A320 being flown in Infinite Flight a lot, I think it could receive even more attention with the updated model of a cabin and even some door animations. Plus, I love the interior views! They are my favorite feature above all else! Just the thought of being a virtual passenger going anywhere you want no cost is just an awesome feeling to have in my opinion. I also believe that there should be an economy class, and first/business class (as shown in the video). One thing that I would like to see too, would be cabin lights inside the cabin, as mood-lighting is just too dim for me (I can hardly see at night).

So what do you think about the request? I am also open to constructive criticism as I don’t usually make feature requests often. So will you vote for this? Please tell me down below! 😁

Remember to vote for your own request.

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Trying to find a vote right now 😁

EDIT: Just did @Sashaz55.


The A320 is my most flown aircraft on the sim! and I would love to see this!

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Awesome! And the A320 is such an amazing aircraft!

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Bumping up this topic!

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